Here’s a question: are you – right now – living the best life you could? And if the answer is ‘no’, why is that the case? There’s a good chance it’s because you’ve got a lot on, and you find it hard to let go. To delegate. You insist on doing everything yourself. Which is understandable, as ours is a culture which, historically, has rewarded – both financially and socially – a hectic, crowded lifestyle. But things are changing. Today, there is a significant body of research which shows that working long hours with little rest takes a high physical and mental toll, with a negative impact on life expectancy.

All the same, many people find it hard to let go. Often, even those who can easily afford to delegate routine tasks are reluctant to do so. Again, this is understandable. After all, letting go – which is often symbolic of losing control – can be a painful and difficult process. But the rewards can be high: less stress, a better work-life balance, and a more relaxed lifestyle are all likely results of entrusting someone else with your everyday tasks.

So, once again, why aren’t you letting go? Here are the principle reasons which, according to psychologists, could be behind your reluctance to hand over the reins. 


We live in a culture with attitudes dominated by received wisdom. And that received wisdom is heavily, if not wholly, shaped by advertising. And according to the narrative of advertising, you’re not a real man or a real woman unless you do everything yourself. It’s a DIY world. According to the world of advertising, you should be able to work full-time (and be brilliant at whatever job you do), while managing every aspect of domestic life, from car repairs to major home improvements. It’s hardly surprising that so many people feel as though they’re a failure if they reach out for help.

But nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, a strong work ethic is a good thing. But a relentless focus on having and doing everything yourself can lead to intense feelings of inadequacy and – therefore – guilt. It can also make us forget that there’s a better way: delegation. By handing off tasks we don’t really need to do, we can feel happier and more fulfilled. A good Lifestyle manager can help you take a step back and inject some calm into the chaos.


On the face of it, perfectionism sounds like a good thing. But it can also create procrastination and displacement – in other words, cause you to avoid tasks you don’t like doing on the pretext of not having the time to do them properly. If you recognise this in yourself, outside help could be major step forward for you, and help you increase your sense of wellbeing, even if you fear that you may lose control.

Why? Simple. It’s because you don’t have to do everything yourself in order to feel in control. Our Lifestyle managers are experts at partnering with clients to help them better manage their time and can live the life they prefer.

Privacy and Trust Concerns

As well as perfectionism, many people have have privacy and trust concerns that keep them from partnering with someone who could help them live more enjoyable lives. However, there are huge benefits to working with a full-service Lifestyle manager. While the virtual assistants made available by today’s technology may be able to carry out a limited number of tasks around the home, a personal Lifestyle manager can help you fundamentally reimagine your life.    

In summary, don’t put off having fun! Enjoy life now, rather than kowtow to the abstract expectations of cultural norms. Bringing a lifestyle management company like ReQuest into your life will make a tangible and significant difference. Basically, you’ll have lots more fun!