We might as well admit it: here at ReQuest, we’re proud of ourselves. Very proud. But we like to think you’ll understand. After all, if you can’t be proud of yourself when you’ve just won a major award, when can you be? And we’ve just won a major award. So we hope you’ll forgive us if we bask, just for a moment, in a little bit of glory!

And now you’re wondering: what has ReQuest done to deserve such an accolade? Well, it’s simple really – we’ve been recognised as being in the Top 6 Luxury Property Management Companies in London for 2020. And this recognition doesn’t come from just anyone – it’s an official announcement from Luxury Lifestyle Awards, a global awards body that specialises in identifying and promoting the best luxury goods and services from across the world. The organisation’s goal is to connect people with the best of luxury. And, to do so, its experts evaluate more than 10,000 goods and services in 400 categories, from 60 countries, before arriving at their conclusions. Given this, you can probably see why we’re delighted to have been nominated in one of their Global Top Lists.

Another question you might have on your lips is: what makes us so special? Let’s face it, there are lots of companies out there that offer services similar to ours. But while this may be true, it’s also true that few – if any – companies surpass (or even match!) our sheer service quality and levels of attention to detail. This is something that we have believed ever since launching ReQuest, but now it’s a fact that has been independently and credibly verified. And we (just in case you hadn’t realised) are as pleased as the proverbial Punch about it.

This service quality, of course, is no accident. We’ve always been fully aware that it’s this that differentiates one lifestyle management company from another, and delivering the ultimate in service quality to our clients has always been the central pillar of our business philosophy. Everything we do is precisely geared to making sure that we completely understand the client’s needs and that we fulfil them to perfection in every detail. That’s why all of our personal lifestyle managers are selected with such care – we make sure that every single one of them is completely in tune with our objectives and has the personal and operational skills to help us meet them.

And we’re pleased to be able to report that it’s not just Luxury Lifestyle Awards who recognise the quality of what we do. Our clients do, too. That’s why so many of them use our services time and again. Take Ian Walker, for example, who owns a Portfolio of tenanted properties across Hertfordshire and North London.  As the Founder and CEO of Advisorz, a successful business consultancy, Ian is often abroad for extended periods, on either business or pleasure. And he asks us to manage his properties while he’s away.

“It’s a huge weight off my mind,“ says Ian “to know that everything will be looked after properly and professionally, while I’m away. Since delegating this responsibility to ReQuest, I’ve never had a single complaint from a tenant or returned to a problem with a property. To my mind, the service is worth every penny.”  

But Ian isn’t the only client with such views. We could quote many more. But we don’t want to bore you (if we haven’t already!). We’ll only add that our philosophy of excellence, and the resulting client satisfaction that we see with our property management services, also extends to every single one of our other services. So if you’re looking for someone to help you improve your lifestyle – give us a call!